Frequently Asked Questions

Carmel Sports Club offers online sign-up and credit card payment through a secured third party portal Here, users can register for Open Plays, special events, clinics and Summer Camp. All events on our website are directly linked to their registration page. Field rentals and payment other than credit card must be done either over the phone or in person.

Participants for all Carmel Sports Club programs are required to fill out a waiver every time they come. This includes Birthday Parties and other Carmel Sports Club events. Participants enrolled in our sports programs must have a waiver filled out for them before they begin a program. A new waiver must be filled out before the start of a new session of the same or different program. Click here to download the waiver form.

Since Carmel Sports Club is strictly an indoor facility, hours vary based on the season. Our normal hours are 10am – 10pm. Please call 845-228-2550 for additional information.

Carmel Sports is located at 111 Old Route 6, Carmel New York. We are based in Putnam County bordering Westchester and Dutchess County with easy access from Connecticut.

Carmel Sports Club asks all clients renting our space to please bring their own equipment. After their rental time, we asks that all clients please clean up their own equipment and leave the rental space as they originally came to it. CARMEL SPORTS CLUB IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN EQUIPMENT. Carmel Sports Club will provide equipment for students involved in sports programs that they sign up for with us. Equipment will also be provided at Carmel Sports Club hosted Birthday Parties and events unless previously stated.

Sneaker or indoor turf shoes may be worn on our turf field. We strictly prohibits metal cleats from being worn on our turf field.

Carmel Sports Club adores pets of all types, but for cleanliness reasons, we ask for all of our patrons to please keep all pets outside of the facility at all times.

Our full turf field is approximately 110 x 40 yards broken down to 6 fields measuring 18 x 40 yards.

Carmel Sports Club offers concession of both snacks and drinks. Players coming in to our facility are allowed to bring in one drink and a small snack. Management must be notified before any renter is bringing a large food or drink order. FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE TURF.

You do not have to be a member to play at Carmel Sports Club. Anyone can rent turf time as long as there is availability. We ask for a name, telephone number and email address at the time of booking any space.

Spectators are not allowed on the turf field but can view behind the nets. However, It is vital that there is room for players to amble space to play. Spectators for the turf may view from our lobby where an entire view of the turf can be seen.

Carmel Sports Club has 2 pull out batting tunnels measuring 50 x 12 . Each tunnel can be rented out which includes a L screen. We also have a pitching mound.

Carmel Sports Club rents by 18 x 40 yard 1 field per hour. You may ask for multiple fields. Please call the club at 845-228-2550 for availability.

All sports that can utilize a turf. Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Birthday parties and Events.